CACTI Ideas (during COVID) Collective of Anti-Corruption and Tech Initiatives

Why another podcast?

Our idea was to host the greatest anti-corruption event in Timisoara, but then COVID. Our frustration around not being able to share our thoughts and inspiration over a beer drove us to create this space to speak about the future of the agenda, looking at the “new normal” and even beyond, towards potential futures.

Listen to us talk about how CACTI was born and evolved, what space we want to create, and most exictingly hear how anti-corruption heros have been anticipating changes in the future.

Episode 1

No way to Tisimura

How is too many formal Zoom calls and a lack of information communication affecting us? How does this situation affect the events that are held? How will events change whe...

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Episode 2

I’m running on fumes

We used to have robust agendas and conversations aside from COVID, now the virus has seeped into every aspect of our work. XXX has launch a non covid related project in may...

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Episode 3

New cacti on my desktop

Suddenly all our work had a new and unexpected angle that had appeared during the pandemia. How XXXX had detected this opportunity and is dealing with this.

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Episode 4

I think you’re muted

We all hate meetings, but meetings on Zoom, all day every day, are even worse. What are the challenges that a not technical, nascent civil movement is facing in order to...

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Episode 5

¿Cómo se prepara un nopal?

Roundtable in spanish with XXX, XXX and XXX speaking the specific challenges in a Spanish speaking context.

Episode 6

A bat eating a cactus

A year in covid and go on. XXX explains what interesting trends had detect during this 12 months and what will be the nexts years, hopefully, without pandemia.

Where we stand

Strange times. Everything before COVID is now forever in the past. The present is more volatile than ever and the future will arrive suddenly, changing everything we know. In the blink of an eye, the world will change in so many ways, we can’t imagine. All of this is happening while we are stuck in front of our computers, isolated from our peers and friends, with an enormous lack of inspiration and stimulant conversations.

Anti-corruption work needs not only to keep up, but to anticipate changes in the future. We need to move from being reactive to proactive. We believe the only way efforts can truly be successful and impactful is by sharing technologies, projects, experiences and ideas, globally.

This is why we want to create CACTI: A collective of do-ers from around the globe that want to work and learn together to more effectively combat corruption.

To kickoff this space of much-needed inspiration, we’re launching this collective with a video podcast. A place to hear and see the work of this community of activists, advocates, journalists, and academics. A place to be inspired and to be able to apply this inspiration in your own work. A place to push our thinking into the future and contemplate implications and opportunities in our work. More than ever we have to continue sharing ideas to be prepared for what is coming.

What we do

Create a collective space for sharing experiences, inspiration, and ideas around the evolution of anti-corruption work.

Create a common pool of resources to fuel our anti-corruption, transparency, accountability, and civic tech work.

Document failures and successes in the fight against corruption, to guide our peers in their own work.

We are a team of civic advocates focused on new ways to proactively detect, address, and prevent corruption.

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